Saga Of The European King

A Saga That Will Last Fifty Years

Category: Book 4 - The New World is exciting, dangerous

Flip the order!

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Interlude PART 2 - Intermission wars.

On these words lies the Kingcast for the very first chapter.
And here is a special, crazy preview of what lies ahead in the special, crazy future of Chapter 11.
Axe AxewoundGeneral MajestyMichaelCuttyColonel GlowfistErik Rage-Eater!Dr. TchaikovskyFather DominoesDavidCommander FlightfeatherBa'alTerrorthawMechanicusOld Goat ManWill SmithThe Angel Cowboy

Interlude - On the edge of Giant War

Chapter 93 - Dese Days Part Six – Permanent Trauma.

Chapter 92 - Dese Days Part Five: What the Angel Cowboy was up to.

Chapter 91 - Dese Days Part Four – One epic battle stacked on top of another epic battle.

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