Mayor Don't


Mayor don't blame the rich kids
Mayor don't blame the poverty stricken bastards
Who clutter up the asphalt
Crying in the night 'Oh, save me something
Is this living?
Is this the world I wanted to be born into
With a brace of tattoos
And days spent hacking plaster
Building up a palace for the
Nouveau riches?'

You're facetious
No. No. No.


Mayor don't blame the left wing
Mayor don't blame the 'sinister third force factions'
Your reactions
Are reactionary
With your swag bags ooh and your fag hags too
Your secretary moans that you don't pay her
For sitting up at night shredding paper

You, you owe her nothing

No. No. No. No.

With hands outstretched we pose a bowl
A begging bowl for substance
Quangos quagmires bureacrats
Brawling alleycats
Mayor don't we curse your name